Nothing can prepare you and the children for your first glimpse of a lion as it hunts its prey, or a herd of elephant as they drink from a watering hole. Solitary acacia trees provide a backdrop to graceful giraffe as they feed on the top branches and lumbering rhino munch their way through low shrubs. Tanzania is such a rewarding country for a family holiday.


Lastly there is Zanzibar, the spice island of legend, with its gorgeous white sandy beaches and a melting pot of Arab, African, European and Indian cultures. It provides the perfect place to round off a Tanzania family safari and is guaranteed to delight the kids.

1Why take the kids?

Some of our reasons for choosing a family safari holiday in Tanzania include:

1. World-class game viewing in beautiful surroundings
2. Get up-close-and-personal with (safe!) animals on walking safaris
3. Iconic national parks that the children will remember for ever.eg Serengeti
4. Cookery lessons, bike and tuk tuk rides, waterfall walks, village visits
5. A wide range of attractive child-friendly lodges and tented camps
6. Learn to track wild animals or follow elephant spoor
7. Swap stories around the camp fire at night, under the stars
8. Palm-fringed Indian Ocean beaches, perfect for post safari
9. Zanzibar, the fabled Spice Island of legend

Provided that the itinerary includes plenty of non-vehicle based activities to complement the game-viewing, children will love everything about a Tanzania family safari. It is tremendously exciting and you will never see your children as quiet as when the ranger tells them that they need to be silent so as to approach a group of Giraffe or zebra. They will become quickly adept at identifying all the different species and particularly at catching glimpses of the magical big-five (lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo, and elephant). Adult vision quickly seems second rate compared to the eagle eyes of your children!

2Will all children enjoy a Tanzania family safari?

It is important to give careful consideration as to whether your children are old enough to enjoy a safari. Tanzania is not a cheap destination and you want to be sure that all members of the family will get the most out of their holiday. After all, what parent wants to be asked the dreaded ‘are we nearly there yet?’ just when you are watching a lion stalk its prey?! There is no simple rule as to what age children need to be for a safari. But the main thing to remember is that every itinerary we create will be tailored to your family. We will ensure that we include activities that will appeal to your children (bearing in mind their ages) and will select accommodation that we think will suit.

3Is a Tanzania family safari safe for children?

Seeing lion, buffalo and hippo up close sounds wonderfully exciting, but in the back of most parents’ minds is the tentative question as to whether it is really safe to be quite so close to wild animals.

Fortunately, it is. All camps and lodges in Tanzania have strict safety controls, including regular patrols by trained safari staff. There are also strict safety guidelines which apply in many camps. For example, guests must keep on the camp paths and cannot walk around after dark unless escorted by a member of staff. Safety is of utmost importance and good practice will be explained to you all on arrival.
When out and about on safari, it is of course imperative that the children don’t get out of the vehicle at any point. If anyone needs a toilet stop the driver will find a safe place to pull over (which may take a few minutes). This will usually be a wide open space so you may only have the vehicle to hide behind, but it means that the driver will have a good view of any nearby game and can be sure it is safe.
If these practices are followed, then we have absolutely no safety concerns about recommending a Tanzania family safari.

To discuss whether a Tanzania family safari would be suitable for your family do please give us a call. +255 759 852 086