Napuru Waterfalls

Napuru waterfalls a beautiful waterfall on the slopes of Mount Meru, a few kilometres north of the city of Arusha. It is in the southwestern part of Arusha National Park. The area around the falls is quiet, except for some birds and monkeys. There are some nice photo spots that the guide will gladly point out to you. During the hike, you will pass through a series of small agricultural villages with lush landscapes where the locals plant corn and potatoes. Along the way, they sell various goods, such as coffee, corn, bananas, and other fruits and vegetables.

Departure from Arusha: Start your day early with a departure from your hotel in Arusha, travel by car towards the location of Waterfalls, enjoying the scenic views along the way. Enjoy the journey through the Tanzanian countryside, passing by villages, farmlands, and perhaps even wildlife reserves. MyTrip2Tanzania guide may provide commentary about the areas you pass through, sharing insights into the local culture and geography.

Arrival at Napuru Waterfalls: Reach the Waterfalls at the designated parking area, Meet your local guide, who will lead you on the tour and provide information about the area.

Guided Hike to Napuru Waterfalls: Begin a guided hike through the scenic landscape towards Waterfalls. Trek along well-marked trails, crossing streams, and possibly encountering local wildlife and flora along the way.

Exploration and Relaxation: Arrive at the Waterfalls and take in the majestic sight of the cascading waters amidst the natural surroundings. Spend time exploring the area, taking photographs, and enjoying the tranquil ambiance.

Picnic Lunch: Enjoy a picnic lunch at a scenic spot near Napuru Waterfalls, surrounded by nature’s beauty. Enjoy your packed lunch, featuring local Tanzanian dishes and fresh ingredients.

Leisure Time at Napuru: After lunch, relax and soak up the serene atmosphere of Napuru Waterfalls.

Return Journey: Bid farewell to Napuru Waterfalls and begin your journey back to Arusha. Reflect on the day’s adventures and the beauty of nature you experienced at Napuru.

Optional Stopovers: Depending on timing and preferences, you may opt for stopovers at local markets or viewpoints along the return route.

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Napuru Waterfalls