Lake Eyasi: Hadzabe & Datoga Tribe

One of the Eastern Rift Valley’s oldest areas is where Lake Eyasi is located. Stretching from north to south for about fifty kilometres, it is situated behind the remarkable 3,000-foot escarpment that delineates the southern boundary of the Maswa and Serengeti wildlife reserves. The hunter-gatherer Wahadzabe tribe lives in the Oldeani valley, southeast of the lake. If a small amount of downtime is tolerable to you, Area. Many waders, including flamingos and pelicans.

Early Morning Departure

  • Start your journey early in the morning from Karatu town before or after your Tanzania safari Travel by car with our knowledgeable guide, enjoying the scenic views along the way.

Arrival and visit Hadzabe or Datoga Tribes

  • Engage in a cultural excursion to visit the Hadzabe or Datoga tribes, indigenous groups who have inhabited the region for centuries. Learn about their traditional hunting and gathering techniques, crafts, and way of life through interactions with community members.

Picnic Lunch

  • Enjoy a picnic lunch by the shores of the Lake or at a scenic spot nearby, sample local delicacies and take in the beautiful scenery while relaxing amidst nature.

Lake Eyasi Exploration

  • Take a guided walk along the shores of the Lake, observing the diverse birdlife and other wildlife that inhabit the area. Learn about the ecological significance of the lake and its surrounding wetlands from your guide.

Late afternoon and departure

  • Experience a cultural late afternoon with the local community, featuring traditional dances, songs, and storytelling. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and hospitality of the Lake Eyasi tribes as you participate in the festivities.

Depart to Karatu town for overnight reflection on the memorable experiences and cultural insights gained during your Lake Eyasi tour.

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Lake Eyasi