1Day 1 Maasai Village

Enrich your holiday with a visit to a Maasai village Located 47km/ from Arusha, the villages are a one-of-a-kind experience not to be missed. On arrival at the village, you can expect to be greeted in the traditional manner: plenty of singing and dancing, with participation very much encouraged! There is then the opportunity to learn about some of the customary practices, such as fire-making or beadwork, and to speak to the villagers in their homes walk to the village across the rolling hills. Spend time with the villagers, find out about their way of life, Questions are very with the guide happy to interpret as necessary. A very good place for sun rise and set also Mount Kilimanjaro can be see very clear from the village. Sleeping on the village can be arranged with a request.
Accommodation-Nyumbani hostel

2Day 2 Kikuletwa Hot Spring

Kikuletwa hot spring or chemka a magnificent oasis in the middle of semi arid landscape surrounded by palm and fig trees with winding roots, turquoise blue and crystal clear invite you to enjoy your holiday far away from town.
A place contains Garra Rufa fish which are used by pedicure around the world. These fish suck and nibble your skin, tenderly removing dead skin cells through natural exfoliation. So you will emerge with shiny, revitalized feet
Accommodation – Alteza lodge

3Day 3 Materuni Waterfalls

Materuni waterfalls one of the biggest waterfalls on the slope of mount Kilimanjaro{5895m}locate outside of Moshi town 20km away where the authentic and biggest tribe in Tanzania ‘Chagga’ found with the old history.Hikking, coffee tour and village walking is the most things to around here.At the waterfalls you can swim and enjoy your time outside of town.
Accommodation – Alteza lodge BB

4Day 4 Lake Chala

A crater lake in a caldera at the border between Tanzania and Kenya and 52 km from Moshi town, Lake Chala is said to be the deepest inland water body in Africa with a depth of about 3 km. Well, there are a lot of fairy tales and rumors about the lake. It was measured at a depth of 95 meters, which makes it deeper than famous Lake Victoria. Filled and drained by underground streams, the lake ranges in color from deep blue to turquoise and green. Take a walk down the 100m deep crater rim to the lake shore and cool your feet at the water's edge among the rocks as you watch the water ripple peacefully through the lake in shimmering delight. A wonderful place for walking, kayaks and bird watching, a home for Lake Chala tilapia.
Accommodation- Lake chala safari lodge

5Day 4 Lake Chala - Lushoto

A 4 hours drive to Lushoto town The home of Usambara Mountains This mountain range was formed millions of years ago and has remained relatively undisturbed for most of that time, which has given rise the growth of old forest and other treasures are considered to be a biodiversity hotspot due to a high degree of endemism in the flora and fauna found there. Take a break from the heat and dust of the northern safari circuit and enjoy the lush green surroundings and champagne air
Accommodation- Irente view lodge/ BB

6Day 5 Lushoto Full Day

The Usambara Mountains are ideal for scenic drives, hiking, biking, birding, tours, and waterfalls just relaxing. Various directional viewpoints yield spectacular panoramas of Maasai lands below and the Pare Mountains, and on clear days you can see all the way to the coast and Mount Kilimanjaro. Visit some different view point where you can get an amazing sun set ever.
Accommodation- Irente view lodge/BB

7Day 6 Lushoto – Magoroto Forest Estate

Magoroto Forest Estate with its tropical rain forest is the perfect spot for a getaway. The estate is located on an altitude of 850m above sea level where temperatures are pleasant all year long. The estate offers stunning views from the Muheza Valley to the Indian Ocean. Enjoy the lush rain forest with rare plants and bird species, explore the dense tropical forest with organic spices or have a picnic or swim on the lake.
Accommodation- Magoroto Estate/FB

8Day 7 Magoroto Full Day

The morning views are truly magical and the experience is worth. After breakfast we start our activities around the place with many optional you will decide which one you want to do if its Fishing, Bird Watching, Forest Walk, Mountain Biking, Spice Tour, Factory Tour, swimming, Meditation, and finally we will have a Bbq and Bonfire for the evening.
Accommodation- Magoroto estate/FB

9Day 8 Magoroto – Pangani Beach

Wake up for a final day at Magoroto enjoying the last of Magoroto forest estate. Then later in the afternoon head to Pangani a small town in East Africa’s coast with long history culture the town has Arabic, German, Asian and British Colonial rules influence.
Accommodation- Mikes Beach cottage/BB

10Day 9 Pangani Full Day

Enjoying coastline with clean beaches where endangered Green Turtles breeds, historic sites, coral reefs, white sand along Indian Ocean with ample shade, sun, and crystal-clear water. Pangani Beach is not famous but a very peaceful and romantic place to be. Snorkeling & fishing can be arranged here.
Accommodation-Mikes Beach Cottage/BB

11Day 10 Pangani Full Day

Relaxing on the beach or visiting Maziwi Island is a newly designated marine reserve, and rests on a coral reef simply off the shores of Pangani. It offers snorkeling and deep sea diving alternatives, which could be organized if you will be interested.
Accommodation-Mikes Beach Cottage/BB

12Day 11 Pangani To Udzungwa Mountains

The Udzungwa Mountains National Park is one of Tanzania's most outstanding and exciting wilderness areas, with unique wildlife species inhabiting this range of forests. Udzungwa is a primate park and there are currently 12 species of primate, including two found nowhere else in the world (the Sanje Mangabey and the Iringa Red Colobus). Udzungwa is home to approximately 400 species of bird, many of which are endemic to the area. The park is treasured for the high level of biodiversity of birds and animals.
Accommodation-Tan Swiss lodge.

13Day 12 Udzungwa Full Day

A full day hiking to several trails ranging from short 20min stroll to 8 hours expeditions. The most popular hike is up to Sanje Waterfalls, looking for monkeys, swimming in plunge pools, and enjoying the spectacular view. This is the prime attraction for this area and if you are a keen walker then taking at least one of these hiking opportunities is strongly recommended.
Accommodation-Tan Swiss lodge

14Day 13 Pangani – Bagamoyo

Bagamoyo is an old town built 18th century as a centre for dhow sailboat building. It is a place of considerable significance to world history, both as an entry point for Arab and European missionaries, explorers, and traders in East and Central Africa, and in the history of the infamous slave trade.
Fortunately Bagamoyo is now being considered for inclusion as one of the World Heritage sites, to conserve and protect the fascinating Gothic and Afro-Arabic architecture in this coastal settlement steeped in history. the Old Fort built in 1860 for holding slaves for shipment to Zanzibar; the first Roman Catholic Church in East Africa built around 1868 used as a base to run a camp of about 650 freed slaves; the German colonial administration headquarters, the Boma, in the first capital of German East Africa; the Mission Museum displaying history of Bagamoyo; and the Livingstone Memorial Church among others. Bagamoyo white sand beaches are considered some of the finest on the whole of the East African coast.
Accommodation- Travelers lodge

15Day 14 Bagamoyo – Dar Es Salaam/Zanzibar

Heaven of peace ‘Dar-as-salaam’ the biggest and famous City in Tanzania. Let’s walking around the city and explore it. It’s our last day of trip so we will do some shopping buying some souvenir to bring back home.
Accommodation – Airport lodge
Transfer – Zanzibar


Included in the price:

• Bed & Breakfast accommodation.BB except Magoroto FB
• All fees for all activities
• Transportation with 4x4 vehicles with driver
• Bottled water during roadtrip
• 24-Hour support during the road trip from our office in Arusha

Excluded from the price:

• Boat to Zanzibar
• Meals,(Lunch & dinner around 10$ )
• Travel and health insurance
• Gratuities to your guide, hotel staff.
• Any other items of a personal nature, laundry, telephone and postage
• Snorkeling 30$ per person