Exploring Tanzania by Biycle

Mytrip2tanzania create cycling experiences of a lifetime around Tanzania. We invite you to discover nature and local culture with our bike tours. On this fantastic countryside bike tour you’ll first bike through the city where you’ll get an explanation about the places. Then we cruise out to the beautiful countryside where we can explore some beautiful land scape.The majority of the tour is spent riding along the villages beyond the edge of small farm in the village. We’ll show you an authentic tribes which lives around the biking tour village.

 The Countryside bike tour is suitable for people 13 years and older. A reasonable level of fitness, health and biking skill is necessary.

Biycle Tour Itinerary

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4 Days Cycling Tour West Kilimanjaro

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3 Days Cycling Tour Chemka to Lake Chala

bicycle safari tours tanzania

Arusha National Park Cycling Tour